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Modern Day Strategy

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Modern day strategy is a 5-star rated digital consultancy. Based out of Cape Town that service clients globally.

They approached us to create a modern investment management platform for brokers to manage millions of rands in investments.

The Challenge

Because the platform we were tasked with developing was not trivial, there were some aspects that required special attention, such as security, performance, availability, and user experience. The team already had a design, and our task was to create a secure and fast backend as well as a frontend for the system.

We divided our team into two groups, one focusing on the frontend and the other on the backend. The system we created was indeed aesthetically pleasing and met all of the MDS team‘s requirements.

The Results

To ensure high availability, the final system was hosted on Google Cloud in containers managed by Kubernetes. The system is incredibly performant since we have two caching layers, one for the frontend that uses react-query and one for the backend that uses Redis.

The visualizations we created were clearly labeled and responsive, allowing brokers to easily analyze their data.

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