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Geoinformation systems of the future.

Miningo Tech

ResearchUI/UX DesignDevelopment

Miningo Tech is an African market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, precision agriculture, and mapping.

They approached us to develop a website for their company that was easy to navigate, performant and showcased what they do in a simplified manner.

The Challenge

The Miningo Team‘s top priorities were performance, responsiveness, simplicity, and SEO friendliness, which we used as a starting point while gathering requirements. We worked on the Miningo team‘s first design together and, after a week, decided on the final design.

The next hurdle was to select a tech stack that would enable their development team to carry on with the project easily, thus we settled on Next.js and developed a snappy website.

The Results

The final website was well-accepted by the Miningo team, and it was responsive, user-friendly, modern, and effective. With a First Contentful Paint of about 0.5 seconds, the website is among the fastest ones out there.

We used to test the performance of the site, and the score was 99% for desktops.

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