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Zimbabwean indigenous practices and language aspects.


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Zimboriginal is a knowledge platform created to make a lasting and memorable difference for Zimbabwean heritage, people, and communities.

Complexus was asked by Zimboriginal to create a Learning Management Platform (LMS) for their courses. They were so impressed with how we created the LMS that they asked us to revamp their blog before they launched their LMS.

The Challenge

The Zimboriginal platform‘s primary audience is children, thus they intended their platforms to be both child-friendly and valuable for adults. We collaborated on the design with Zimboriginal for two weeks, and we made certain that everything on the design was carefully studied, including the fonts, as certain fonts contained letters that could confuse kids.

We also needed to make sure that Zimboriginal content was easily accessible via the internet, so we significantly optimized it for search engine optimization.

The Results

Zimborigial has developed a number of courses on its Learning Management Platform, and an increasing number of individuals are enrolling to learn about Zimbabwean heritage, people, and communities.

Their blog is now fast, responsive, easy to update, easily accessible via Google search, and appears modern.

Let’s work together to build something great.